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5 reasons of choosing lightning earphone

Jul. 18, 2017

Lightning can be scary. Just look at the hordes of people that howled in terror at the idea of Apple replacing the traditional headphone jack on the next iPhone and using wireless and lightning earphone instead.

Lightning Earphone

Hi-fi portability. The first thing any serious headphone enthusiast will tell you is to buy a separate DAC and amp.

More power. As good as the iPhone's integrated audio circuitry is — and it is indeed among the best on the market — it simply lacks the power to drive Audeze's EL-8 to their full potential.

Better sound. A lot of power would be meaningless if it's not delivered cleanly, and the Lightning-connected Cipher DAC augments the amplifier brilliantly here.

Better EQ. The Audeze iOS app gives you granular control over the frequency response of your headphones — and I do mean your headphones, because the settings you change in the app are actually saved in the firmware inside the Cipher cable.

Digital potential. Love it or loathe it, the trend in advanced personal tech is to become more digital and less analog.

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