Power4 wireless recharge pad

Feb. 12, 2018

Sitting atop the counter or bedside table of most homes you will find a tangled mess of various recharging wires. Phones, iPods, portable gaming systems, DVD players, and digital cameras all have there very own cords and plugs for recharging. The problem is that most of us deal with this necessary clutter rather than going through the daily ritual of cleaning this mess up. The plug and wires for recharging our devices are simply a standard that we all have to live with until now! Today you can start recharging your handheld devices with a new wireless pad from Power4.

The evolution of wireless technologies has now brought to the home wireless recharge. Power4 uses the technology of magnetic induction to power up our dying necessities.

As a home charger factory, we also provide usb charger cable, iphone charger cable and so on.

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