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Upload your photos to your computer by the led usb cable

Mar. 26, 2018

Digital cameras are very popular with many people having one. One of the great benefits of the digital camera is the ability to store the pictures you take on your camera. This is a great improvement on the old roller film camera where you would need lots of space to store all those photos. With digital that is not a problem as you can store them electronically. You can either select the photos you just want to print or just view them from your computer screen.

If you have a digital camera then you will need to know how to upload photos to your computer. Although this is a simple and straight forward procedure it will benefit you in knowing what is involved in making it happen.

First of all you will need to connect your camera to your computer to enable the upload. To make the connection possible you will need a led USB cable and a USB port on your computer. The led USB cable generally comes with the digital camera otherwise you can purchase them from any camera or computer shop. Connect one end of the cable into the camera and other end into the computers USB port. When you turn your camera on a dialog box will appear on your screen advising you that the uploading of your photos has begun.

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