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About MFi certification

Jan. 30, 2018

MFi is the acronym for iPhone's "Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad", which means that iPhone uses a logo to authorize parts manufacturers to make parts. Significantly, the certified products on the market are actively appearing on the iPhone MFi logo licensed under the following licenses. IPhone allows authorized vendors to print labels on product packaging. The logo, as uniformly designed by the company, is very demanding in use with certification and the passing rate of only 2% to maintain the life cycle of the product and ensure quality and taste to meet its requirements. And licensed products can only be multiple tested after certification, regardless of product design, product quality. MFi certified components to provide consumers with a more reliable guarantee compared to other certified parts quality assurance.The successful licensing of MFi is also a symbol of the technical and quality capabilities of iPhone's component manufacturers and design houses.

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MFi certified charging cable

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